Today was a special day for everyone, through the question of the day we had the opportunity to look in to the past and remember our first day at the airport and see how far we have gone and how much he have developed a connection with people we might have never thought. Today I wanted everyone to have a memorable day, which was the whole point of the trip, being old and still looking back on this trip and remembering the people we met and thinking of the amazing memories we all helped to create. An example of this was today I helped organize breakfast with other people I got close to in this trip and developed a strong relation, even though it has only been two weeks, it appears that we have known each other for years.  One thing that surprised me the most was that when I woke everyone up I told the that they had plenty of time to get up and go down stairs due to the breakfast, which was a surprise, especially one of our GG Leaders, Charles. Relating to this the thing I am most proud of, was how people volunteered when we had to clean up after breakfast with out any hesitation.  For me it was not just one inspiring person that I met today, for example breakfast, my closest friends that I made on this trip decided to wake up early with me and help me cook for the rest of our friends. Today I saw how our connection with one another was really strong and how we would do anything for one another even if it were waking up earlier than our regular wake up call. Being El Lider Del Dia, was a genuine experience and I am glad everyone has the chance to experience this just like I did, and I hope for the students that have not gone, to have as much fun as I did. One thing that I learned today was that this trip really changes people’s lives, I know that it did for me. We have gotten so close together that we as a group have decided to meet up with each other throughout summer which I think will be fun because eventually we are going to have to go back to school and we will not see each other as much, which I feel no one in our delegation trip is looking forward to. So for to day I want to give special thanks to my friends who helped me cook which are, Hannah Phalen, Rubin Girling, Maggie Ma, and Sally Zhao. So without these people I would have not been able to accomplish such a big task, which was special to me, and I am pretty sure it was special and memorable for everyone else.