Greetings all,

Annie, one of your GGL’s, here with the final blog from San Juan de la Maguana, delegation 1D. Now that I have some food and rest in me, I am able to reflect on this trip with a clear head and a grateful heart.

Yesterday, we said goodbye to all of our companions during the past two weeks, from our fabulous in-country staff to each other, through tearful hugs at the airport. As I watched the last glimpser pull away in her car with her family, the trip took on an eerie, dreamlike quality to me. The places we visited and things we saw over the last two weeks seemed so far removed from the life I returned to as soon as I stepped out of SFO. But holding onto the pictures, lessons, and memories reminds me how immediate its impact still is.

This trip has opened my eyes to harsh conditions and realities of the world, shown me the beauty that comes in communities filled with love and trust, and given me ways in which I can personally continue to grow and develop. I am so grateful for this trip, not only for myself, but for the 17 students who I know will carry their own lessons forward to make countless positive impacts on the world. Watching them grow in leadership, awareness, and passion and drive to do good gives me certainty about their futures and hope for that of the world. The bonds forged on this trip make me know that yesterday was not an Adios but an Hasta Luego!

Until next time Global Glimpse,


BONUS CONTENT! Our sleepy glimpsers…