Hello, Glimpsers heading to Leon in June 2!

This is Genevieve Evenhouse blogging in! I am one of your Trip Leaders (hopefully, you know this already through the email I sent you and your parents/guardians early last week).

The countdown is on.  There is less than a month before our flight to Leon, Nicaragua.  I hope that you have started packing your bags. This will save you from over-packing and forgetting things. I, myself, have set aside some of the clothes and other things (like small shoulder bag and books) I will be taking with me.  They are in one corner of my bedroom, neatly stacked.  How about you?

Above all things: find your passport! Don’t forget to make 2 copies of the first two pages and scan one and email it to me.  You got my email, right?

After you passport, copy or print the packing list. Then you can get busy from there.  My packing list is stacked on top of my clothes (Yes, you are right. They are in one corner of my bedroom!)

So, let’s get started in our trip prep (as in preparation). I am very excited to get to know each of you and experience Leon with you all.

The photo inserted here is a selfie with the help of my laptop, taken inside a traveler’s inn in Dapitan, Philippines (where I spent part of my Spring Break this year).