“Wealth without work; pleasure without conscience; science without humanity; knowledge without character; politics without principle; comer without morality; worship without sacrifice” – Mahatma Gandhi

After feeling the cool wind breeze through our hairs, the warm lagoon waters flow through our fingers, the miniscule, volcanic pebbles escaping through our toes, and the comforting sensation of breaking out of our comfort zone and singing off-key to “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton from yesterday’s Fun Day, we all knew today would be a more mellow, educational day.

Today was Politics Day, a day of an informational seminar about the Liberal Party and the Socialist Party, a heated debate on which party would be the best for Nicaragua, a hardworking preparation for our Community Action Project Presentation for the principal at Escuela La Amistad, and a deep reflection and deep gratitude through means of letters of appreciation. Although we stayed home, we made the most of our time and got our energy levels boosted through energizers. As the leader of the day, I had the opportunity to teach everybody the mysterious, energetic ways of Watermelon Tai-Chi as well as the Shower Clap (which we will definitely show everybody once we get back to the states). Despite the intensity of the political debate, I was extremely impressed, albeit unsurprised, at how knowledgeable and passionate everybody was about important political topics such as healthcare, education, economy, globalization, and outsourcing. Through the debate simulation, the seminar, and the visit by our guest speaker Mario Prado from the Independent Liberal Party, we were able to collectively recognize the importance of politics through the fabric of a well-governed society and how crucial it is for all of us to be aware and better informed of different perspectives, biases, and sources.

However, today was not only Politics Day. Today is also Father’s Day!

I, Lamanh Le, on behalf of the entire, restlessly sleepy Good Neighbors, would like for all our wonderful, resilient parents (especially our compassionate padres) to take a moment to view this video that we all helped put together in gratitude of our dads on Father’s Day: http://youtu.be/3nQlIQQmDVU (or click the image below)…

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 10.38.30 PM