Hello from Jinotega! Today was an amazing day because we all got to meet so many Nicaraguan elementary school students and they were so happy and excited to be around us.They were the CUTEST THINGS EVER! They would all come up to us and ask us for our names and they were just so adorable! I couldn’t resist talking to each and every one of them. It was really shocking to see little second graders multiplying with three digit numbers because back in the United States, second graders are barely being introduced to the different math operations. I am proud of me and my group, Maribel and Sandra, because we taught the class the ABC’s in english and we taught them “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”, which was really entertaining for them. The little kids were really excited and energetic because they would do anything we would ask them to do, they were fascinated with the thought of learning english. I can’t really say I met one inspirational person because every single teacher and student I met were an inspiration to me because they have so much drive and the children just want to learn everything in the world. Being the Leader of the Day was kind of stressful because we were kind of behind schedule, but I think I managed pretty well despite some of the setbacks. Overall, being the Leader of the Day was really fun and it was a lot to handle but it’s all a learning experience. I learned that I can come out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to new people and it feels good to be a kid again. I played Duck, Duck, Goose, Tag, Ring Around the Rosie, and Cops & Criminals. Also, I went shopping for some piƱatas and candy for the students at school and seeing the huge grins on their faces just warmed my heart because they were thanking me and hugging me. Today was an unforgettable day and I definitely will go back whenever I get the chance.