This story is brought to you by Lider Del Dia, Xavier. He is very cool.

As our day began we had instant feelings of excitement and nervousness at the same time. Our first free day is here…


Our free day is basically our day to do what ever we want, including: sleeping, shopping, laundry, eating, a lot of eating, as well as roaming the streets of Leon.

Don’t worry we had a lot of rules we needed to follow.


To start, waking up at 8 was a great start to almost everyone, except the two kids who were up at before 6, (Me being one of them). With everyone being well rested we started the day on a happy note. Next, we went on our trek to breakfast to the same restaurant we eat at for every meal: Quiero Mas. Then after we got our first free block of the day. Most of us decided it was best to call our parents first: shout out to the moms and dads of the group. Others decided to put that off and decided to do their laundry instead. Being as we only had     2 hours to do what we needed to do, this block was mostly dedicated to the things that were a must in our eyes: laundry, sleeping, eating, drinking, and calls to home.








In the second block of free time, most of us decided to get some different food for lunch and go souvenir shopping. We LOVED eating pizza – the bread was more strangely sweet compared to pizza in the US, but it was just as good and fun to eat out with our friends. There were 11 of us in that little restaurant! A lot of people went to Central Park to do souvenir shopping after. We can’t wait to give you all of our presents! A bunch of people also talked to other tourists from countries including Spain, Austria, Ireland and Britain, as well as a couple from San Fransisco. This made us think about why people decide to travel to foreign countries.


Tonight, we are going to have a movie night. Our stomachs are full, we’re really happy and tired as usual, and we can’t wait to see whats in store for the days to come.