First time for everything, what can I say,

My name is Joshua and I’m leader of the day.

Everyone’s style is embedded in their blogs,

So why not poetry, a lil different for yall,

A poem with a rhyme is how I will talk,

Lemme take you through my day and give you a walk.

It was 7AM when everything starts,

Difficult to wake, for our beds we depart,

Especially for Minh, carried him like a cart,

While the breakfast we had gave me a few farts.

To learn global business was the focus,

The knowledge we learned blossomed like flowers called locus.

We departed our residential to learn more of Fair Trade,

Such as packaging coffee or how it is made.

Caliente and frio, we ordered our drinks,

Energized at the barista, while soon after we sank.

Don’t mention the caffeine, too much jitters to think.

To explore the beverage I cherish and love,

Only gave me more reasons to sip on my mug.

Consumers don’t really think of how the product is grown,

And how connected the grower is to our very own homes.

What I’ve learned in this trip outgrows a year in my school,

This trip made me realize how I’ll always be a fool.

There’s so much in this world I’ve yet to explore,

So many cultures and countries I will never ignore.

My appreciation grows for Nicaragua I love,

As a Global Glimpser, I’ll always strive for above.

Alright, as you, the reader, may have noticed I like to write poetry. Yesterday while the Leader of the Day was passed to me, I recited a poem I have wrote a few days prior to the day I would post this blog. If you would like to continue, here is the same poem I have shared with my Global Glimpse family.

Untitled Glimpse

Salsa and bachata after Cascada Blanca,

An example of what we did in Nicaragua.

Poverty prospers and wealth synonymous,

With white skin or politics that do none but spread sin,

Where the cathedral the center,

The castille we enter,

Double G connected us to learn to be leaders.

Through all the young beggars,

My heart contemplates of home,

While I have A/C, their houses made of stone.

If they even have one to own.

As I hone my skills, I expand my heart,

Karma distinguishes light between dark.

Visions of God seen in all these little things,

I would’ve ignored if I had TV.

My family stays in the P, but I have a new one to call,

Scary how fast I got to know yall,


Poppin’ conversations like prescription pills,

And the only thing overdosed are the laughs that I spill.


Funny how it is when yall not even blood,

But your more related than my uncle or cuz.

No need for bud, I’m high on life,

Even after the 26th, yall family for life.

This was actually the first time I shared poetry with anybody, so I’m glad my Global Glimpse family is the first to hear my craft. I have much to improve, but I know I’m on a good start. I cannot count the blessings I received from this trip and I’m forever grateful. This trip gave me much more hope for a better future for the world  and I can’t wait to see the progress that has yet to come. Thank you everybody for this opportunity.

                                                                                                                                                                                         –  Kuya JP

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