Going into this trip I had an overall idea of the things we may be doing and learning. What I did not expect was to spend a whole day learning about the politics of Nicaragua. I had no idea how much this would help my group and I understand the country so much more. We started out the day with some fun music to listen to and a fabulous breakfast. We walked to the Revolution museum and were given a tour by a very kind man who was in the Revolution himself. This was an eye opener for the group, being able to see someone who lived through that time made the experience so much more real. After the tour we all were given the opportunity to go on the roof of the museum. As sketchy as it was it was so cool! Everyone loved it and you couldn’t help but want to jump up and down on the tin for a moment before anyone noticed. The tour meant so much to the group but meant even more to the tour guide as he got tears in his eyes from all our excitement and appreciation we showed. later in the day we were able to talk to students from Nicaragua about their views and politics. This was interesting because we were able to get an idea of what the youths thought about the politics in their country. we ended the day with English teaching and the experience was amazing for everyone. All the classes were full of eager learners which made the experience less scary for the group. It was a great day and we look forward to more excitement and learning experiences on this amazing trip!

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