Today may have been one of the most interesting day for me. Being leader of the day was tough but talking to the Sandanistas and Liberals really made the best day possible for me. We got to see both sides of the coin and its so surprising how there are hardly any difference in trying to help people. It seemed like if they combined their ideals, they would be able to govern Nicaragua with tremendous positive impacts. The Sandinista representative was a great speaker she showed so much commitment to her neighborhood by caring for everyone not just the people in her party. The Liberals were for the people but more for people’s human rights than basic needs which the Sandinista representative was more active for. We went over corruption this morning and as we all know, in every single type of government, there will be bound to be corruption. But it all depends on the person and who is in charge. Because even though we learned that corruption is on every level of the social pyramid, there are people like the representatives today where they are all for the people and will sacrifice their comfort for the people of Nicaragua. They do politics not for themselves, but for everyone of their country, even for their opposing parties in hopes that they can forward the country they bled and shed tears for. One thing I have realized to be completely true is that people treat politics like a game. Sadly politics is  a game with extremely high risk with so many peoples lives in the palm of someones hand. But we can look to the future of Nicaragua knowing that people will continue to work towards a future that will benefit everyone. 🙂

-Austin Lim <3