Hello family and friends, todays blog is brought to you by yours truly, Lizbeth. Although I’m no politician, I was happy to be lider del day for politics day. One of my jobs was to wake everyone up and lucky for me, my fellow glimpsers are amazing so most of them were up before I was. After we all got dolled up for the day, we went to el comedor to have breakfast and had a little piece of home: pancakes! After breakfast we returned to the hostel and began our program seminar on English tutoring. We got assigned to the groups we’d be teaching, ranging from young kids to professors. Dylan, Kevin, and I are the lucky ones who will be teaching the professors. Before our next academic seminar we played an intense game of ninja. We split up into two groups of ten and the two winners of each game made it to the championship. Dylan and Elizabeth were the first two out and we watched the never ending face off between Crystal and Truong. Eventually Truong became the ninja champion and we moved on to our next activity. We read an article about Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua and let’s just say we didn’t have the best attitude towards the things he’d done in his past, especially Andy. After the seminar we moved on to our next activity, LUNCH.

We had yet another delicious lunch which consisted of breaded chicken, gisado de ayote, and rice. Afterwards we all packed into a public bus wand enjoyed an authentic ride with the locals to Don José Luis Adolfo’s, our speaker’s, house. After a two hour talk with Don Luis, we came to a realization that we all have different opinions, especially Andy. We took the bus back to the hostel and had some free time and had yet ANOTHER seminar about our community action project. But our hard work paid off and we successfully made it to dinner.

After dinner, according to McCall, we had the one of the longest nightly meetings in history. We reviewed the day and it was time for me to pass the torch to Francisco but first he had to earn it by sharing his talent. He decided to tell a story for his talent, and honestly words can’t even describe how good the story was. It would’ve been nice to hear the end of the story but we were interrupted by three geckos trying to eat a moth on the ceiling. We cheered the gecko on and all screamed when he lunged at the moth. It was probably one of the best nightly meetings we’d had. And I expect for them to just keep getting better and better.

Just an FYI, every night we read all your blog comments so don’t stop posting because it’s always good to hear from our loved ones. We are all having a blast In Granada and we can’t wait to tell you all about our spectacular adventure.

Until tomorrow!

P.S. Shout out to Kat and Gaby for helping me out with the blog. 🙂