What can I say about today, now that it is ended we are exhausted. Politics by their very nature are controversial, and by their very nature, mentally exhausting. Politic is the strive for power, the expansion and sharing of ideas, the debate between different backgrounds, ways of life, and personal ideals.

Today the glimpsers heard from two political parties in Nicaragua. On the left, the Sandanistas, who currently control all four branches of the government (for those who do not know they are; electoral, judiciary, executive, and congressional) and the PLI, a rightist group struggling for survival. One thing I will say about the politics in America is that most major politicians from competing parties can shake hands and have a nice lunch, put aside differences for half an hour at least. We invited both parties to have lunch with us today. The tention was tangible. Sly looks were exchanged from across plastic cafeteria tables and plates of fried chicken with rice. But each delegate we met was gracious and committed to their party and their beliefs. Every person we met truly wanted better lives for their impoverished countrymen. I’m not going to go specifically into the politics, but if your reading this please look it up.

What is there left to say, we all miss home, some more than others, at different times, in different ways. I miss my dad and even little sister, ¬†though I’m sure she’s glad to have me out of the house, I miss my boyfriend, as cliche as that may be, he is a constant for me and I hope he reads this. I know some close friends from out of state, ones that are very near to my heart will be in SF, my home, soon and I count the days until I can see them again. But I still want to hold on to Nicaragua as tightly as I can, I want to squeeze every drop of my experience here, good or bad (but so far awesome) until this land is dry and the lush green tres that surround houses and clothe the high hills that give Matagalpa it’s valley home are bone dry. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve already found so many things to love.

With that good night Brahskys.