Global Glimpse Student Leader of the day

Global Glimpse Student Leader of the day

Hey everyone, Cameron here again! Hopefully I haven’t bored you with my last post. Any who, today I was chosen to be the Student Leader, which includes making sure everything is done on time and to be a positive role model for my peers.

Essentially what I aim for everyday! Our topic today was politics, a favorite of mine! After waking to an exceptionally early morning, we began our Academic Seminar. In this seminar, we primarily discussed the obvious corruption of Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s long running president, and the public’s blatant disregard for his actions. Now this may seem like an enigma to some of you, but it is quite simple. 50% of the population lack sufficient basic needs, needs that include clean water, readily available food, even shelter. Ortega makes sure to cater to this overwhelming mass by providing support for these groups. 33% of the population just don’t care enough. No, let me rephrase that. They see Ortega as the “lesser of two evils” (shout out to Maiya), thus voting for him because he doesn’t seem like that big of a issue. Later we went to a local radio station, even having our own Glimpsers (CiCi, Sam R, and Teresa) talk on the show, which was undoubtedly a great experience!

P1130765After returning back to the hostel, we had another seminar based around our Community Action Project, or CAP for short. With this project, we’ll be creating a lasting and sustainable project added to Nicaragua’s community, preferably helping the community for years to come.


After our seminar, we began prepping for our first class of English tutoring! I know you’re jumping out of your seats with excitement, but please try to calm down. The prep was very informative and hopefully our blogger tomorrow will be able to give you more information about it. Wish us luck for our first day tomorrow! After the prep, we traveled downtown to relax with some Nicaraguan body movements. Yes, we were dancing. Oh and believe me, it was sight to see! Body rolls left and right, jerky hip shaking and pelvic thrusts, slow rhythmic side steps sweeping back and forth across the tiled floor.


If I was an artist, I’d paint a picture and send it to you all! Special shout out to Sammy Sheldon for expert dancing. Who knew he had it in him! And with that, our journey in Estelí for today had came to end. Unfortunately, this will be my last blog, but my Sammy will be succeeding me, so you have nothing to fear, except his dancing. And with that, I bid you adieu!

PS: Yes Leeza, this is your PC!!