Hello! We are Emi and Joseph, your Líderes del día. Esto es lo que hicimos hoy! (This is what we did today).


After an amazing breakfast at La Primavera, we reviewed our quote of the day, by Alice Walker, which states “the most common way that people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” The group shared many insightful comments and ideas on how politics has become polarized and divisive. We further delved into the topic and discussed about student empowerment.

Carmita teaching us how to count in Kichwa, an indigenous language of the Andes region.

It was then contrasted by our presenter of the day, Carmita, the first female indigenous elected official in her community. It was inspiring listening to Carmita’s stories and learning about her hardships in getting to the position she’s in today. We learned that she faced a lot of gender inequality and discrimination in Ecuador, and that she was able to overcome these obstacles and succeed in empowering other indigenous Quechua people in her area. Hearing about Carmita’s positivity and commitment to activism and change within her own government allowed us to realize that we can contribute to our own local government to make a change for the benefit of the people.


Our afternoon adventure started at a local park that was about a five minute drive from our hostel. We started off playing Rocks, a game that Joseph shared with the group. Similar to capture the flag, each team’s goal was to take the three “flags” (water bottles) on the opposing team’s side without getting tagged. The teamwork and bonding was incredible. After the game, everyone explored the enormous area from the circle of intricate historical statues to the outdoor work out equipment.



During the evening, we all prepared for our English classes by first meeting our partners and then inventing curriculum to further the students’ English language repertoire.

We explored the topics of how to best prepare specific curriculum to best cater to each group’s age and skill level. Many of the GGLs gave insight on their teaching experiences, from interactive games to how to best balance the many topics we needed to cover.

We had yet another amazing dinner at La Primavera and passed the torch to our next líderes del día, Alam, Debbie, and Rafaella. We can’t wait to see what is in store for us tomorrow!

Big Love,

Emi and Joseph

PS: (From Emi): Hi mom, dad, and Russell, I’m still alive. Dad, I played some basketball today so you don’t have to worry about my skills deteriorating. Can’t wait to talk to you all soon! Also, Russell, stay out of my room. 🙂

Hey guys! Ben, I hope you had fun working at the camps! Say ”hi” to Ketchup if you see him. Love you all. -Joseph