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Today we finally got our chance to visit the Museum of Heroes. We were supposed to visit this museum on our first full day here in Estelí but we did not get the chance to because it didn’t fit into our time schedule. To start off our day we went to breakfast as usual, afterwards we did an energizer called “Ninja” just to get us pumped up and ready to have fun. Ironically our plans sort of changed once again and our guest speaker, Dona Mina wasn’t feeling well enough to talk to us about the Sandinistas and how she felt about the government. Instead we asked Papa Poncho to give us his insight on the government and where he stands with the Sandinistas and he willingly did so which our whole group greatly appreciated and thanked him with a beautiful vase as a gift. After Papa Poncho spoke to us we took off to the Museum of Heroes. Once we arrived at the museum the whole group was looking around at all of the pictures and amazing things representing the heroes. Dona Mina’s son, Jose, voluntarily spoke to us about the Sandinistas and gave us his opinion of how he feels about the president and of the government. We weren’t expecting to talk to anyone at the Museum because Dona Mina was sick but we greatly appreciated Jose talking to us and giving us another opinion of the Sandinistas and the government and also telling us how he feels about the president of Nicaragua.

After our great morning, we went off to lunch, and then went back to our hostel to prepare for our English tutoring and we had a little bit of chill-out time before meeting up with the other Glimpsers in another delegation, Estelí 2. We walked to their hostel and just got to know them and chill out with them for a while. We were going to play basketball with them at a recreation center but our plans changed and they were on free time so their whole group was not altogether. I think we all had a fun time meeting the other delegation, they were really nice and I think it was really cool getting to know them for the small amount of time that we did have.

We walked back to our hostel and did our CAP prep for our presentation tomorrow, afterwards it was about time to go to our English tutoring. We walked to our classes and began teaching right away. We always enjoy English tutoring, I actually love it because my students are really nice to talk to and they are relatable because they are close to my age. After English tutoring we walked to Alfreditos for dinner and we sat and talked it up for a while, then we went back to our hostel and jumped right into our nightly meeting. This time we sped up our nightly meeting a taste because this night was our night out. We went to a night club and everyone was dancing, having a good time, and just bonding. Everyone had a good time at the night club and I think it made us that much closer. On the bus ride back to our hostel pretty much everyone was exhausted and ready for bed. We promised Mama Lena that once we get into the hostel, the party was over so we did just that. We walked straight to our rooms and it was lights out.