Today  the group  woke up at  7 am. Then we got ready to go to the comedor, their we ate omelets  that had ham and cheese with the beverage of “Avena” which means oatmeal.Later on  we walked to our guest speaker, Luis  Mora, a war veteran for the revolutionary war as well as the civil war of Nicaragua. We visited his home there he shared with us and began to talk on his political movement on what was his beliefs on the Nicaraguan government is. Especially on how  he really got involved at the young age of 14. It was this time he began working with a local Christian organization who would help out the community. He began to notice all the poverty and began thinking of ways to end it . At 15 he officially joined the FSLN in their fight to end the dictatorship in Nicaragua. He knew all the risks involved for himself and his entire family. As he talked on the dangers of family being murdered by the government it reminded me a lot about two films I have seen . One was called “Voces Inocente”. Where the families were in  danger and had the idea of the civil war. The second was, “Tiempo De la Mariposas” where it was about a dictatorship  reign being threaten by a group of sisters and where their families falling in the cross fire as well as their lives taken. Those memories came as Luis Mora stories only brought the  reality and dangers of war and how the innocent fall while  the ones who want a bit of freedom  have to risk everything to get to their dream. After his Inspiring story we went to El Comedor their we ate. Lunch  they offered  white rice with shredded carrot with side dishes of  fried plantains and fajita with salads with the beverage of orange juice . Then we worked on our  community action project #3  , we split into groups and expanded our development for the 3 sections on flowers, veggies and construction. After the rough hour of debates and screaming we all had gotten our objective ready which was to prepare for our presentation tomorrow for “Hotel on Corazon”Which means hotel with a heart.  Then Prepare lesson plans for english tutor prep. We had dinner at El Comedor their we ate ” Enchiladas”  which was a fried  dough and inside was rice and meat.  After the marvelous dinner we had our daily nightly meeting at the hostal where we reviewed our question of the day – “How Important  is it to involve people of a country in politics?” As well for the Quote -” Loyalty to a country ALWAYS Loyalty to gov’t when it deserves it “- Mark Twain