Today was one of the better days we had in The Dominican Republic. As a leader, it was pretty awesome to lead such a fantastic delegation. Starting off the day early, we headed to Onanaey for desayuno. After a great healthy breakfast, the group headed back to the hotel for a few minutes to change before traveling to City Hall. Meeting the Mayor, the first female mayor in San Juan de la Manguana, she explained its history and how the city came to be. We began the tour of city hall, which had a great resemblance to American architecture, before proceeding to her office where we had a heartfelt discussion. She began to explain why she wanted to become mayor and the hardships she had to go through to achieve her dream.

After asking her questions about her life as a politician, we headed to another room we called the Salon where we had a mini debate. Broken into groups, this debate was a marking of three countries trying to come to an agreement about fixing the Dominican Republic education with guidelines. This debate lasted for an hour, with the Republic of Zambia winning. Ending the debate, we had lunch in the Salon and then free time from 2:00 PM all the way until English class, which began at 5:00 PM. Being our last class, we put our all into making sure our students understood what they were taught before most students graduates the following day. Picked up from class, we headed to Onanaey’s for dinner. Although again we were disappointed with the food, we still tried to enjoy it. Big love tonight was okay, but not as much as yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow would be better.