Wow, so what a day it has been. Very few days in my mind seemed to have been so long. And that is not meant in a bad way – the day was fun. We started with the wakeup call, which I could have done better by asking for special preferences for wakeup call… instead of singing at everyone’s door. Then we went on to breakfast followed by an academic seminar on politics. Then we moved to preparing our lessons for our English class, followed by lunch. In the afternoon, we all left to go to the political mural tour, where we all learned so much about the Nicaraguan politics, leaders, and revolution. After that educationally enriching event, we gathered to discuss our community action project (CAP). Despite the arguments that occurred, we got some good work done. Directly after, we were able to have a very good meal, and then head over to teach our English classes. After class we got back to the hostel, had our nightly seminar, and then had a small group reflection, thus bringing me to the present. Throughout this action packed day, I was very surprised to see so much passion regarding politics here in Nicaragua. The group was very inquisitive and engaged for the speaker. Now, transitioning to a rougher topic… how I was at being leader. I tried to incorporate all the previous feedback to past leaders, and that left me confused. Due to some schedule changes, I was rushing around giving random information, in order to make sure we all were informed on what was going on. But all of the schedule stuff aside, the group made it easier to be leader (most of the time). They knew what to do before I even said it, they were already prepared for English class, and they made the job easier for sure. Being today’s leader allowed me to see that I am able to shift into leader mode, by lowering playtime mode, as I increase my focus mode. Politics day truly was the best day for me, because as hard as it was, I would never ask for a different day, I love the challenge, and I’m up for more. Alright everyone reading the blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed, I’ll sign out for now and get some sleep. I hope your day is just as exciting, but less stressful. Goodbye, good luck, and goodnight.

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