On our politics day we started our day by waking up at 7 in the morning and going to breakfast at Alfredito’s as usual. Right after our Nicaraguan breakfast we returned to the hostel where we had a seminar to prepare us for our talk with a government worker. After that we walked over to the biblioteca where we had our charla. The talk was very interesting as we learned many things about the local government and their goals. It was definitely a great experience since we where able to see how the government see’s itself and it’s influence. After our charla we went to lunch to our usual eating spot, Alfredito’s. From there we went to the Casa de Cultura where we met Julio Moreno. Julio, who by the way is the founder of his own muralist group, explained the many murals of Esteli and there symbolism. It was very interesting to learn how the politics of the time influenced the arts. After our tour we walked back to the Casa de Cultura where we had our fourth day of English classes. For dinner that night we where able to change things up and have some delicious Italian food.