Today was Politics day! as usual we woke up at 8:00 and had breakfast at 9. Licelot, our cook, prepared yuca, eggs, and papaya for us with a side of avena. It was delicious. Afterwards we had an academic seminar and had 2 politician guest speakers talk to us about politics.



He had such great enthusiasm when he spoke and was proud to be making an effort to change the Dominican Republic. As leader of the day I was really proud of my peers for not complaining during any of the presentations and seminars. Although this was not one of the most thrilling days for some, everyone kept a smile on their face. Being El Lider Del Dia was a new experience for me but none the less a good one. I believe I learned to communicate better.


Later on we went to La Voz de Yuna and listened to various government officials welcome and officiate the inauguration.
We waited to try to see the President, but only saw him on the video projection. Through out the day my peers as well as I began to think differently about politics in the Dominican Republic.

I came to realize that many politicians more than often leave the people of the Dominican Republic with empty promises. The most inspiring person I met today was one of our guest speakers Fransisco Diaz. Fransisco taught me that as long as I believe in my self I can accomplish anything.


After the ceremony we walked to our cook’s restaurant named “Coma Aki”. Licelot served us mangú made with plantains and topped with fried cheese. It was one one of the best meals I have had so far!





Soon after we were done eating fireworks in the distance began to go off. We all gathered around and watched.


GG_Bonao27Day5-96After the show had finished we began walking home to our hostile. This was a new exiting experience for us because it was our first time walking in the streets of Bonao at night.

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