If I learned anything today, it would be that there are a lot of corrupted politicians and that the Nicaraguan revolution was very tragic and emotional, But to hear about this made me more aware of the struggles people go through and opened my eyes to reality. Well on that note lets talk about today, politics day. So I’m Joshua Raju, leader of the day and waking up early in the morning was rough but I managed. So at 6:30, I woke everyone up for breakfast and we had pancakes with bananas, which was so good. After that we walk back to the hostel where we did the seminar about politics and how president Daniel Ortega was elected even though he was accused of being corrupt; however, he wasn’t the worst candidate. We also learned that people voted for him because he helped the economy and helped Nicaragua develop even more.  We discussed about how in elections, people will have to choose their best choice, despite all the political controversy.


Then we got ready for our CAP (Community Action Project) presentation to the Organizations we are going to work with, including the Frabretto school. The first part of our project was gardening development. We are going to clean up the Garden at the Frebretto school in La Cruces. We are going to clean the rocks out and start it anew by adding more plants and garden areas and also growing a tree for shade. The second project is focusing on nutritional education and hygiene.

After that we went to the Museum of Heroes  where our guest speaker, Dona Mina told us her story of the Nicaragua revolution and how she was a part of it fighting for freedom, being conflicted by the opposing sides and that all she went through. It was an emotional and sad story but I was glad that she told us and I was grateful to be able to here it. After that we went to go eat lunch where we had multiple choices but I had rice beef and some veggies with some juice.


After that we went back to the hostel where we talked about our CAP action planning and we made the groups for the first and second project. I’m working with gardening development and helping to build a garden box that will be about a meter high with chicken wire being it’s fence. After that some people went to buy material for our projects while others, including my group, worked on different parts of the garden.  My group, which was Connor, Abdul, and I, started work on the garden by contacting a carpenter and making the plans for it and are currently working on the design because the first one went over our budget. After this awesome time, we are going to have dinner and tonight I will pass the torch to the next Leader of the day, but I hope you enjoyed the post. So thank you guys, bye!

P.S Mom, Darby, dad and the rest of the family, I just want to say I love you guys and can’t wait to tell you of my adventures

P.P.S. shout out to Nia for helping out with the photos.



– Joshua Raju


P.P.P.S Oh and just now we got plants and soil  for the garden and we moved it to the balcony for later use!