Today’s insightful guest speakers emphasized the importance of young people being involved in politics. We were visited by a liberal politician named Mario and a Sandinista politician Damaris. They didn’t come to persuade us or to challenge each others platforms. As teenagers, we Global Glimpsers aren’t able to vote yet and we hate that. After expressing our feelings of discontent, Mario conveyed his opinions. After revealing that Nicaraguans can vote at 16, however he disagrees with that law. Even though Mario believes that Nicaraguans shouldn’t be able to vote till the year that they can legally marry, which is 21, he indicated that he wouldn’t change that law. Mario’s liberal platform primarily addresses the issue of education in Nicaragua. It introduces a more sufficient education system that teaches Nicaraguan youth how to provide for themselves. Damaris’ platform was directed toward creating programs for the youth to do outside of school. Damaris’ resembled the other powerful women that we have seen leading groups in Nicaragua. It was great to know that she has programs that support teaching children in the dump site that we visited. I believe if politicians in Nicaragua compare ideas and form unity they can truly lead Nicaragua to a faster progression.  After that we prepared for our presentation that introduced our ideas for our community project. Daquan and Lisa did a great job during the practice run and did a even more amazing job in the real presentation. The community service project was approved and we start on Wednesday. I am having a fantastic experience on this trip. I can’t wait to share all of my experiences with everyone.