This day was an experience of a lifetime like all of the days here. Starting the day off at 7:30 am we soon headed off to Valparaiso, the coffee farm owned by the former vice president of Nicaragua, Jose Rizo. Of course that was after some critical thinking on a quote by Niccolo Machiavelli.

“Do the ends justify the means ”

Our group of budding scholars busted out a variety of inquisitive thoughts as to why some countries have their differences from ours considering politics and culture. It was an amazing learning experience.

Now back to Valparaiso. The road trip to the coffee farm was scenic and relaxing, and even better once we arrived Jose Rizo gave us a tour, showing us the processing room where the coffee was peeled, dried, and sifted. He took us through fields of coffee plants and showed us a beautiful irrigation pond. We even got to try some fresh coffee, even though it’s not necessarily in season.

Okay now the tours were pretty awesome, but the former vice president was even more interesting, and funny. He told us about his days in politics ,some of his interests ,and about his life. I believe Jose Rizo will be an inspiration for me to look back on through my life and I believe he was an inspiration for all of us. He was truly outstanding as a lawyer ,ambassador, and vice president.

Later that day we visited Jose Rizo once more at his summer home in Jinotega. Upon entering I’m sure we were all taken aback at how beautiful his home was. There was an abundance of art from all over the world.That isn’t even the half of it! He had a scarlet macaw and a rare collection of peacock as well as chicken. HIs puppy was even cuter.

In his office we all saw his accomplishments, all framed and hung on the wall were certificates and medals. The glimpsers and I all learned about some surprising events in his life and his campaign. Overall this not only amazed us all but it taught us all something we didn’t know before. DSCF0547 DSCF0525