Good day Glimpsers, Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Etc.

Today was a jam packed day with information that we will cherish forever. So we all woke up at 8:00 am, except for me who woke up at 7:30 am. We had breakfast at our one and only Deja Vu eating our very creative beans and empanada rice and chicken. It was exactly mentioned today in our nightly meeting that our cooks make rice and beans in the most unique ways we could have thought of. After we all finished our breakfast, we had a political seminar in which we discussed what we thought on a corrupt person in charge in Nicaragua. Soon after, a speaker, Manuel Tellez, came to talk to us about how the Nicaraguan government is set up. We learned that not only does its government have its good things about its system, but it has its negative things. According to research only 52% of the Nicaraguan population is involved in the government. Manuel Tellez had mentioned in his speech that the Nicaraguan government is corrupt, which was interesting for me to hear that. Once he was finished we thanked him for taking the time to come and talk to us about politics and we gave him the awesome Global Glimpse cup and invited him for LUNCH, yum!

During lunch we had our regular buffet schedule. Which in my opinion, is my favorite meal of the day since we get to eat whatever we want that the buffet options have to offer. After lunch, we had another speaker come in to speak to us from the PHHD. He was a man who helped people deal with broken laws that hurt peoples humans rights. He explained to us that his job is really important since it was his duty to make sure the people of Nicaragua, or more specifically the people of Leon, had fair and EQUAL opportunities. Next, we had Don Fabio, who has probably been mentioned before during the blogs. In which case he hasn’t he is ┬áthe leader from Las Goyenas from where we would do our CAP project. HORRAY! We presented to him our Who, Where, What, When, and Why presentation. We distributed the roles to every person from manager to accountant to the water bottle guy. I’m hoping that tomorrow goes well though since we will be starting either with the pipes, the signs of filtration with sinks, and the art mural. Well after our CAP seminar we had an hour of free time to rest our minds and/ or get ready for our English Tutoring. Then it was dinner time. We had a surprise dinner tonight though. Instead of rice and beans, it was a hamburger. Even though the patty was a bit smaller than the buns it was still nice to have something different.

Well after dinner we had to go to our English Tutoring as usual.Quick fact my group Andres, Josh, Camila and I had a two hour lesson on the word “it.” Well after the lesson we came back to the hostel to have our very long, but progressive nightly meeting. And now everyone is getting ready to sleep or sleeping.

5 more days left though. We all cant wait to see what this trip has for us and to get home to our families. Yes, today was a day of listening instead of doing, yet we learned from the amazing speakers. It was fun and cant wait for what tomorrow has for us. Goodnight.