Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business. – Winston Churchill 


A grand endeavor was made today and left over was the realization that politics is not as monotonous as it seems. In the United States, politics is viewed as mediocre by many, but in Nicaragua, the youth would think otherwise. Here in Nicaragua, it can be seen that politics plays a much greater role in everyday life and it is not something to be taken lightly.


The day began at 6 in the morning. We ate breakfast and returned to the hostel where we would spend the rest of the day (almost). Afterwards, there was a seminar on politics. Not only was today an important day for politics; we also practiced the CAP presentation (community action project) and later presented it to Adriana (whom owns the comedor where the project will take place at). The presentation turns out amazing.


After the seminar, two youth groups visited the hostel and gave speeches about their political party. Glimpsers were divided into two groups, one with the Sandinistas and the other group with the Contras. We were able to ask them questions and learn more about the youth’s roles in politics in Nicaragua. At lunch, the two groups did not want to sit near each other and the tension could clearly been seen/felt in the room. After returning from lunch, a thank you and farewell was given by yours truly.


Activities that followed the speech was a debrief and discussion on the views and speeches of the two groups. We exchanged information that was not heard of and one regret that many people had was that we could only listen to one side of the political parties. It would have been nice to hear both sides. After the debrief was a debate game where we divided ourselves into groups, each having a different debate topic (including: abortion, dream act, cutting education budget for military and gun control). The debate was really fast and intense, but overall enjoyable.


After the political filled activities, we had a few minutes of free time and then after we went out to eat pizza at a restaurant. The other Matagalpa group was there too (I saw my sister!). After we returned, we had our nightly meeting followed by a self reflection.

Overall, despite being tired at the beginning of the day, at the end of the day, a lot of new information and excitement filled our minds. Politics will clearly not be as boring as it seems and I definitely want to take a more active role in my community now. There is less than a week left and tomorrow is a fun day! So let us hope that we make the most of our experience!!!!!!