Hello families,

My name is Kazaria and I was el leader del dia (leader of the day) for day 12. Today we had a guest speaker named Filemon Moncada come to our hostel to speak to us. He is famous in Nicaragua for being apart of the FSLN, which is the party that is in power right now. He has been been apart of the party for over thirty years now. Moncada told us about the different operations that took place such as the assassination of a dictator named Somoza. We all enjoyed hearing his various stories, they were informative and interesting. Another aspect of the day was walking to the local museum named Heroes y Martires (Heroes and Martyrs) to hearĀ  a woman named Guillermina Mesa share her sad and emotional testimony. Mesa is the head director at the Heroes y Martires museum. This section of the museum is dedicated to all the fallen soldiers that fought in the revolutionary war. The museum is run by the mothers of the fallen soldiers. Mesa shared the story of her son being killed by members of Somoza’s national guards. As we all sat in a circle listening to her share her story we all couldn’t help but feel sorry for the pain that she went through as a young mother. It was emotional and hard for her to share her testimony, but she had a lot of strength. Mesa is an inspirational woman that we all looked up to.

Today was a good and informative day for all of us. It was a day that I personally will never forget.