Baahhhhhh (that’s a goat sound by the way) was what the Global G’s woke up to at 6:30 in the morning. We started off the day with a warm reminder of home when we walked into the kitchen to find that we were going to have frosted flakes for breakfast.

After breakfast we had a very exciting workshop led by a man who goes by the name “El Bailarin”. He shared with us a dance that he is recognized for called Buloria, an indigenous dance. He then showed us how to build kites out of sugar cane sticks. It was fun to see the Global G’s getting competitive over whose kite was better, however we must say that everyone’s kite looked amazing.


On the two hour journey to the dump of Constanza, the Global G’s were mentally and emotionally preparing themselves to see the reality of what poverty really is. When we arrived to the dump we were deeply moved by the intense image of the smoke rising from the burning trash and swarms of flies. We were kindly received by the people who work at the dump. They gave us a small tour of the area and kindly answered all of our questions. Towards the end of this experience, everyone got very emotional at the realization of how fortunate we are to live with all our basic necessities. The trip continued to get emotional as we saw how happy the kids were when they found out we had made kites for them. Groups, once again, started to get competitive over whose kite flew the highest.

At the dump taking from the bus with tented windows.

At the dump taken from the bus with tented windows.

We also shared snacks and juice with the workers. We concluded this life changing experience with a huge thank you to the workers for taking time out of their day to share their life with us.

Even though some of us were still a little emotional from the trip to the dump, we were excited to meet the delegation group of Constanza. We had lunch at their hostel and the food was great, however it will never be as good as Licelot’s. We were surprised by the fact that their hostel was a very nice hotel. Although some of us joked about switching to Constanza’s delegation, at the end of the day we wouldn’t change anything about the experiences we have had together here in Bonao. The bond between the Global G’s will never be broken.


Bonao and Constanza meet each other

Bonao and Constanza meet each other

As you can imagine, everyone was tired. Everyone took a quick power nap knowing that as soon as we arrived back at the orphanage we would have to be ready to teach our English classes. After our English classes we had “mangu con chuleta” for dinner. Despite the overwhelming emotions felt today the Global G’s managed to finish the day off strong.

“We are the only ones who get the job done!

Global G’s rolling through the seas… SON!” c: