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Everyone woke up at 6 A.M. today; however, I as the student leader of today woke up 5:30 since I had to be dressed and ready on time to awaken the rest of the group students. As usual, we had breakfast at the comedor Quiero Mas starting a 6:45 A.M. For breakfast today, we had green pepper and ham omelet with a side of toast and papaya. After we were all done with breakfast we all returned to the hostel, to prepare with an academic seminar for our visit at the dump and the orphanage. During the Socratic seminar we covered what we all believe defines, causes and contributes to poverty. We also talked about how poverty in U.S differs from poverty in Nicaragua. We came to notice how U.S government provides those in need with free education, food stamps etc.. Although parts of Nicaragua are also offered these ways of help, they tempt to rely more on their community. After the Socratic, we had specific dress code( long sleeve shirt, and long pants) to wear at the dump for the sake of our health and safety.

At the dump we had an introduction from one of the employees, and we were guided around to see what working at the dumps looks like. We did not expect the workers to be as content and happy as they were; at the dump there was children as well as children working there.  Like one of the group members mentioned (Raquel), “One man’s trash, is another mans treasure.” (-unknown). They did not seem to mind being there, in fact, they were very joyful and they playfully threw each other on piles of trash. After the tour we also competed in soccer, and it was amazing bonding with them. Again, for health and sanitation reasons we were all required to shower as soon as we left the dump and returned to the hostel; however, there was no water when we arrived, so we had to take bucket showers. Once we were all done with the shower, we instantly went out for lunch at the comedor at 1 o’clock. There we ate rice, beans and Nicaraguan style of guacamole (avocado, boiled egg. onions, mayonnaise). We then took a public bus to the orphanage and met up with the children. they were all very loving, for they towards us as we arrived and gave us all a big warm  hugs. Some of the activities we did with the children was dance, play soccer, play tag, take pictures, and break the piñata which the global glimpse staff provided. It was really hard to say goodbye since we  had felt emotionally attached to them after spending some time with them. As usual, we came back prepared for English  tutoring prep., had dinner, and taught our English class from 6-8. Bed time today is 10 P.M.