Today was an eye opening experience for all of us, Poverty day. Although, it was both a mentally and physically tough day, it was a very fun day and some Glimpsers even said it was the best day for them! Today we visited the Pusucua community in Penipe and we helped the community members plant trees there. We weren’t afraid to get our hands dirty! All the community members were very welcoming and kind-hearted. Their story is very inspiring and touched all our hearts. They had all originally come from a different region near an active volcano called Tungurahua. This volcano erupted and took everything from them like their homes and farms, but it did not take away their hope. They then relocated to Penipe where they would have to start their lives all over. This new community was founded by Sra. Victoria who was one of the victims of the catastrophe. After all that the community members went through, her hope and strength guided them to move forward and not give up. This taught us to never give up and keep trying during hard times.

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We also learned today that the definition of poverty in America is different then it is here. When we were visiting this community it didn’t feel like they were impoverished. They were all so happy with what they had and what they had to offer. They were all very connected and supportive of each other, whereas in America, when we think of poverty we think of people who have nothing and are all alone. It surprised us that this community was so appreciative of what they had and how close together they were, like family. This taught us to appreciate the things that we have and the people around us.

At the end of the day, we were really proud to have helped out and really connect with the community so they can continue to grow. We all had so much fun working with individual families as well. The families were so welcoming that it felt as if we were at home. As Liders Del Dia, we were very happy everyone had so much fun and had the chance to make deep connections with the community. During the nightly meeting, it was very touching to have a couple of Glimpsers say it was the best day they’ve had so far. We hope to continue to learn a lot more and continue growing into young leaders.

With much love,

Jenifer and Licette

Shoutouts of the day

Hola Papa te quiero decir Feliz dia de los Padres te llamare manana. A la misma vez. Manana voy a montar el Chimborazo que es un volcan! Te amo y te exrano vicho loco anana. En menos de una semana nos veremos! – Jordan Sandoval

Dad, I might be able to call tomorrow, may be either on a random number or the one I used to call on June 8th. Please don’t ignore.         – Jay

Hey everyone! Today was amazing! We went up high in the Andes Mts. and visited a small community. There we helped plant which was so much fun! I also got to talk to a lady named Charito and she was super cool! I’ll tell you more about her. Mom and Dad, I might try to call tomorrow, so be aware of that.” – Abbie

Hey dad, I don’t know if you wrote back because Amanda didn’t show us the comments on the blog. But anyways, Today I formed and planted trees and lettuce. K Bye. – Christian

To Alondra: I’ll be able to call between 4:30 and 6:30 tomorrow! I think you don’t have work tomorrow, hopefully, because it is Sunday. I love you and can’t wait to talk to you!

To my Family: As I mentioned I’ll be able to call between 4:30 and 6:30 tomorrow. Today I was gardening with a man in a village, and it really reminded me of planting in our own garden. I was so good at loosening up soil and fertilizing that he asked if I was studying to be an agriculturist! I also got to eat his berries, which Jaara would have liked because they were so sour. Can’t wait to talk to you! – Arjun