Hi friends, family and Global Glimpse fans!

We started off the day today by visiting the El Pantanal city dump, a place where several Nicaraguans living in poverty make a living. As we sat in silence on the bus ride there to mentally prepare for the upcoming experience, we noticed the dramatic difference in scenery as we moved from urban Granada to rural Granada. The gradual increase in the level of poverty as we traveled closer to the dump was very apparent and hard to ignore. We noticed more and more trash up until mounds of trash were in sight. Arriving at the dump and stepping out of the bus was an emotional shock. To see dozens of people picking through trash to make twelve to fifteen dollars every two weeks was a perspective altering experience. Cows, vultures and dogs surrounded the area desperately searching for food. Soon after arriving, we handed out a big plate of hot food and a fresh drink to all of the workers there. Each of them were incredibly thankful for us to visit and share a meal with them. Jessie, a member of the church “Iglesia El Puente,” accompanied us on our trip to the city dump. Being a participant in the church program, Jessie feeds and spends time with the people at the dump very often. He shared his life story with us and told how he turned his life around from participating in a gang, using drugs, and being sent to jail to a better place where he is connected to God, drug free, and happy with his life. The way that he changed his life for the better was very inspirational and meaningful especially on the day that we visited the city dump.

After returning to the hostel, we gathered into groups and reflected on our experience and the poverty we saw at the city dump. For me, today has made me more appreciative and grateful for the things I have because a lot of the world is not as fortunate. It has made me realize that I should not take things for granted because I am very lucky to live in a place like the US with all the opportunity it holds.

Later, we had our final Community Action Project seminar and decided on our roles for the next three days. Since we chose painting as our main project for the school, we needed make the roles of painters, treasurers, time managers, communicators, logistic managers, cleaners, health managers, and kid managers. Once everyone chose their role, the logistic managers and treasurers went on a little field trip to pick up needed materials for “Day One” of the project tomorrow. They came to the hostel with successfully making arrangements for all the painting supplies needed. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow! It is very exciting and I can see all the passion this group has for helping this school and the children.

To end the day, a few of the Glimpsers baked a chocolate cake to share with the entire group just because we were all craving some chocolate. We had a bit of trouble finding all the ingredients the recipe called for in the local “Pali” supermarket, but we improvised by using M&Ms and chocolate bon-bons to create the chocolate flavor. It was such a fun experience and everyone enjoyed sharing that chocolatey goodness after a long day.

Thank you for reading! See you soon!

P.S. I love and miss you mom!