Poverty is a challenge in every country, whether 1st world or 3rd world. Today, as leader, I was able to take charge on our visit to a landfill in Jinotega. There were families living there and making their money by collecting bottles, iron, and other materials from the trash. The group was really affected by a man’s answer to one question. The question was “If you could be given anything, what would you want?” David Kang asked it and said he was surprised, as well as the rest of the group when the man answered “I will take anything given with love.” David, as well as the rest of the group was amazed that the man didn’t ask for food or money, but anything given with love. The entire group was having an emotional outing, so when the Global Glimpse leaders and I told everyone our surprise, everyone’s mood changed. We played soccer with all the kids! The kids from the landfill were excited to hangout with new people and our group was excited to have some fun with them. It was a perfect ending to an emotional day.