Today we all traveled to the dump to see how the people that work there live. We found out that many families work there together and only make 3 dollars a day with 10 hour shifts, and breaks that only happen when they are waiting for dump trucks. We saw little kids helping along with their parents and many of us felt upset because many of the people that campaign go to the dump and make promises that aren’t kept. Many of these people have a hard time trusting anyone who say they will make a difference, but they really appreciate us going there to experience what they go through. The speaker that showed us around the Basurero (dump), Francisca, enjoys how Global Glimpse comes and gives donations because it is all really needed. We all think that people need to make that change, need to make a difference or in anyway help. We all went to the coffee shop tonight and took pictures of all your babies, pictures will be posted later (technical difficulties). We all are safe and alive and having fun (: