image image imageToday’s theme was Poverty Day. We started off with another wonderful breakfast at Cafe Del Tren followed by the mental warm up that focused on Poverty in Ecuador. After that students traveled to Casa de la Mujer where we learned about the organization. Case de la Mujer is an organization that has been around for 18 years and is opened to the public. Its goal is to help women, children, and families who struggle with domestic violence and economic hardship. They offer several opportunities such as entrepreneurship classes, arts and crafts to teach women how to make money for themselves, judicial services for those who have gone through domestic violence, and phycological services. This is a non-profit organization that has gone through economic struggles and still is to this day, ┬ábut they still are motivated to help as many people as possible.

After the visit to Casa de la Mujer, we walked to lunch at Roma Santa. Once again, Isabel served us a wonderful lunch. After lunch we had an hour of free time. Then we had our CAP 3 Delivery project where we spoke with the owner of the school of Carlos de Garbay. We presented our ideas for our project and they were very happy with what we came up with. The students as a whole decided we will finish the structure for the cages for the cuyes (Guinea Pigs).

Then we prepared for our 5th English classes. We went the school and taught. At the end of my class, our students who are between the ages of 25-55 told us we are the best teachers and told some of us that we should be teachers in the future. We were very ecstatic. Next, we went back to Roma Santa for another delicious dinner and we celebrated Carrie’s birthday with a surprise cake and a dance party.

To my mother, I love you and I’m very excited to be home in 5 more days.