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Today was a good day full of emotion and reality. We all woke up at 6:30. As leader of the day I woke everyone up and kept to the schedule. We left around 8a.m. to an organization that helps children who work on the streets, don’t go to school, or have family problems. At Las Hormiquitas we had three guest speakers – two people that worked there and a man from Germany who took a year of his life to volunteer and help the children that want the help, deserve the help, and need the help. Fellow Glimpser, Diego Ascension, translated for the two women who knew no English. After the speaker talked with us, we took food, a mobile school, and water to the people who live at the “dump”. We taught the kids and even adults how to write some vowels, and we played a few games. They were all so thankful and what we all learned and agreed upon was that even though they don’t have a roof over their heads, many clothes, or a lot of food they are happy. They have learned to adapt and live with what they have and that’s what defines true happiness. As Americans we have what we need yet we aren’t content with what we have and still want more. Most people don’t understand that to develop as a community we have to see the world in the reality it is and not JUST the fixed reality we have set for ourselves. To believe we have to see; to understand we have to live in the shoes of those who have less.

After our visit we took showers and had a very yummy lunch. We had a self reflection to see how everyone was and to see what we could take back to our own lives and homes. After the reflection, we played Simon Says to bring up the energy and to relax until our “Live Like a Local” seminar, which will take place in reality tomorrow. We went on a snack run and came back in time for another fantastic dinner which we all cleared our plates clean. (Yes, the food is delicious and the cooks are amazing and very kind!) After dinner, we had English tutoring which went well. I think we all accomplished the goals we had set for tutoring. We taught some fun lesson plans and had a really good ice breaker. Also the classes got bigger which was a plus for everyone. Our nightly meeting was interesting, and the only bad feedback as Leader of the Day was that I gave out way too much sanitizer but at least hands were extra extra clean!! We are all doing great. We have learned so much in such a short time. I wish the trip was extended but I know you all miss us. Anyways, we give our love, and trust me we all miss our family.

Until next time!

Global Glimpse Squad.