One of the most emphasized lessons taught by both our parents and our teachers is that poverty exists all over the world. Although we are all well aware that poverty is an incredibly prevalent issue, it is difficult for is to perceive what poverty actually looks like first hand. Today, our delegation traveled to the main dump site of the city of Jinotega where we were able to meet the families who both work and live off of the materials that are gathered in this location. The families discussed what working at a dump entails, what they enjoy to do in their spare time, and the difficulties they face in order for them to survive. Afterwards, our group attend UNAN, a local public university located in the city of Jinotega, to watch Dreaming Nicaragua, a documentary that focused on the children who live and work at the dump. This experience was by far one of the greatest challenges our students have had to face throughout the course of this trip. I strongly believe that after exposing ourselves to this particular lifestyle, we as a group have developed an even greater passion to find solutions and educate others on the severity behind the cycle of poverty. I was inspired by my peers ambition to promote change and by how this emotional experience allowed us all to mature in such a short amount of time. Regardless of how mentally challenging this day was, I was so proud to have assumed the responsibility as El lider del dia! I can not wait to see what impact this group will create on this world.

P.s pictures for today and past days will be uploaded tomorrow morning!