Hello friends and families from home, this is Nicholas, the El Lider Del Dia, for Poverty Day.  Before I begin talking about our day, thank you to all to the readers, commenters and everyone back home for your words, it lifts our spirits being able to hear from you guys.  We all miss you.  Now back to your program.

To start off the day we all woke up to the chirping of the cicadas and had a simple breakfast, reminding me of my childhood, chicken noodle soup.  Moving on from food, we had two seminars about immigration, and poverty, learning everyone’s immigration history, and how that shaped us culturally.  We talked about how people fall into poverty because of politics, past, lack of peace, the place, and people—the 5 P’s.  Taking a break, we played a game, and Max wins again; seriously he keeps beating everyone.  After the break we talked about what we should do for our CAP project.  We all had so many good ideas that we will have to finish discussing what to do on another day.

After several grumbling stomachs, we headed to lunch which was salad, beef, fried eggplant, and everyone’s favorite, except Kareem, white rice. Everyone was seriously ecstatic about it while Kareem was dejected.  After lunch, we all prepared to go to the Estacion de Transferencia Santo Domingo Dump.  We talked to the president of the transfer station along with other officials, and learned about how they are trying to be recognized by the government and becoming an official group.

Coming back from the dump, we got into our discussion group and talked about the recicladores, the people working at the dump, how they are a community trying their hardest for themselves, their family, and their friends. We talked about how touching it was that the entire community was pitching in for a party of a graduating student in their community.  It was truly inspiring how much they all helped each other out even when they have a tough time themselves.  After the deep discussions we moved into the dining hall for salad, mashed potatoes, and an egg scramble.  Quick shout out to CONAMUCA for feeding us delicious food every single day.  I love the food that they serve and I am constantly asking to see if we could have their recipes, especially their eggplant meatballs.

To wrap up the day we had our nightly meeting, talking about our day, giving our roses and thorns, answered today’s questions of the day, and giving pluses and wishes to the El Lider Del Dia, me.  Honestly I thought I did a poor job, I was nervous whenever I was in front of everyone, but everyone’s pluses and wishes made me so happy.  They blew away any doubt I had in myself for the day, and replaced that with joy, saying I did a fantastic job, and that I should do another Disney song.   They helped me gain a bit of confidence in myself. Finishing off, we all gave big love, everyone having bigger hearts than what their body can hold.

That ends day 8 in San Cristobal and we hope you all look forward to our next blog!