Good evening, Parents, friends, sponsors and GG family!

This trip has taken a major impact not just in my life for the couple of days I have been here, but also my peers as well. We have been inspired for the last few days we’ve been here and we are motived to become better leaders in future for the new generation. Today was a very life changing moment for all my peers and I to handle because today we visited a dump. This was no ordinary dump. This dump was a place called home and where people who were living in a extreme poverty, less fortunate, and lived within the area which was in horrendous condition. But, we stuck it threw and I’m very proud of my group for playing soccer with the kids, interacting and trying to make the best of it. What inspired me the most was that the trash they collect everyday was their own way of making profits for themselves to survive each day and to have a job because majority of them don’t have an education to get a real good job.  The highest level of education they have is elementary school. What killed me the most was when I saw little children in the dump collecting things, when they should be in school, playing, living that childhood life. But no. Instead they are working with their family. They said ” Even though they are less fortunate then others and don’t have all they need but they have pride within themselves. It’s not like they’re robbing anyone to get these things, these profits come to them”. The material we call trash is what they value. There’s a saying “One man’s trash is a another man’s treasure”. As a leader of the day today I went out my comfort zone and took the responsibilities to go into the dumb to make small conversation with them.

It was my duty and I’ve been looking forward to leading the poverty day since day one in New York. So I wasn’t scared at all and I was ready to face reality. Although I couldn’t speak that much spanish I had a connection and better understanding with some of them. This place had things I never could even imagine in my life: flies flying everywhere, dead animals from left to right, lots and lots of garbage piled up from each other and these big huge black vultures.  I learned that they wake up early around 4 just like ordinary people going to work, the garbage trucks come every 15 minutes and they collect bottles so they can make profits with other people which would be around $30 cordobas for trade which is a $1.16. What annoys me is that people living in new york take things for granted by wasting their opportunity and worrying about too much materialistic things. Meanwhile, people in central america are suffering not because they choose this lifestyle but because they grew up in it. Overall this trip has opened my eyes and mind to so many aspect of life that I am very greatful and happy to have the opportunity to step out my self and try to change lives of other people in ways that I can. I have no regrets at all what so ever because as the days goes by I am determined and eager to learn more and be apart of this wonderful experience and appreciate all the little things I have. I am blessed and we weren’t allowed to take pictures or bring valuables of ours so we don’t really have photos. The people in the Movil Team wants me to come back and I hope to one day in order to help out.  And, I hate to say it YOU WAS RIGHT FAWZIAH!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO ALL