Hello from the city of Esteli!

On this amazing day, we had the opportunity to experience the poverty in Nicaragua. Today, we visited Donna Francisca and learned about her life experiences. She is a beautiful optimistic lady that unfortunately endured the worst living situations. She still had the energy to smile through the hardships she had gone through. Francisca was a mother of 25 children, but due to the rough situations only 8 had survived. Her husband died 15 years ago, and she had to undergo the inabilities to support her family alone. Hearing her rough stories has inspired many Glimpsers to appreciate the little things more in life where they realized the fortunate lives they contained. She was definitely the most inspiring person we have met today.

Experiencing the community dump today had allowed many Glimpsers to realize the lucky lives they had in America. Through the education they had to the basic necessities met in their daily lifestyles, the Glimpsers had shed tears when meeting Francisca. However, everyone was inquisitive and respectful of the community as a whole.

Being El Lider Del Dia was tricky for the two of us. It was challenging to lead and organize an energetic group of Glimpsers to create a successful day for us all. Having said that, we really enjoyed this experience!


With love,

Jun Jang & Elaine Cheng.