Today, the Glimpsers visited Hogar Leonistico para Ancianos de Azuero, a senior citizen home in Chitré. This organization provides care for abandoned and unsupported seniors by offering: housing, meals, physical therapy, health care, etc. The residents of Hogar Leonistico are divided into pension housing, partial pension housing, and social housing, depending on how much they can afford to pay. Many of us thought we were visiting people who were poor and couldn’t afford to pay for their own expenses. After visiting the senior home, we cried waterfalls because we all saw a new vision of poverty that we had never seen before. Today, I realized there is more to poverty than just being homeless and lingering out on the streets. Poverty is the shortage of resources that are essential for survival and that includes happiness and reconciliation with oneself. Many of the seniors that I visited today were sad and lonely. One even told me that she was afraid of death and she just wanted someone to talk to. She really touched my heartstrings and I realized that family should not be taken for granted. Some are unfortunate to be born without families many more are losing family members by the minute. Something that I will always remember after this experience is that it is important to cherish the memories and experiences with whom you love most. Having a family is not a right but a blessing and that blessing is something that I took for granted before I visited this senior home.