Hi, my name is Sarah Neshat and I am a rising senior at Oakland Technical High School and a College Track Oakland student. We started the first steps of our Community Action Project (CAP) today. Our project is taking place at Ninos del Fortin, an after school program that serves children whose parents work at the dump. At Ninos del Fortin, the children are given a chance to go to a proper school along with medical/health support. We are all excited to work with this amazing program and the wonderful kids we met earlier.

Our project focuses on two specific parts: gardening and painting.
The organization currently has a garden but it needs a lot of work. The gardening group of students are planning to make wooden planters, create a tiled pathway, and plant vegetables. The painting group decided to work on one of the classrooms by painting a new color and detailing the walls with the alphabets, movie characters, and a quote. The other part of the painting plan is to remodel the dark and dirty kitchen by cleaning it up and painting the walls with colorful oil-based paints. In order to get all of this done, we needed to get the materials.

After breakfast, I split the students into the two project groups and  both came up with a specific list of materials including  amounts. We all went out to the hardware store and greenhouse to get the prices of all the materials and compare among the stores. After lunch we finalized our lists and headed out to actually buy the materials.

It was a long and stressful day but in the end we bought all the paints and tools we needed to make our project successful tomorrow.

I should be in bed.

P.S I love you mom and dad!