Mi nombre es Shiloh Burton (aka Ms. B.) y soy professora de fotographia y video en Irvington High School de Fremont, CA (para 13 años pasado).

I am trying to learn Spanish- but my grammar is that of a 3 year old at best.


Vivo en Oakland con mi  perro de 6 anos- Su nombre es Zola.

I have lived in the Bay Area since October 1999.



I started studying abroad my junior year in college as part of the International Honors Program- where I lived, worked and studied in 5 countries for 7 1/2 months (England, India, Philippines, New Zealand, & Mexico. In the last 6 years I have traveled to Leon, Nicaragua (GGL), Bonao, Dominican Republic (GGL), Peru, Riobamba, Ecuador (GGL), Cuba, Nicaragua again, Kauai, Mexico City.  When I travel I stay in hostels or with host families. I have zero desire to be a tourist.  I love to listen and learn from locals.


  • Fear: I am irrationally afraid of mice – like it’s a phobia-
  • Talent: Spoken Word Poetry
  • Favorite Food: Coffee. What that’s not a food?  Ok, then Sushi
  • Favorite way to spend my time: Hiking with my dog, riding my bike, reading, going to live music/performances, and cooking for lots of people.

Really looking forward to working, learning, studying, serving, and living together in Panama for 15 days!