My name is Liza Hartman and I am currently a teacher librarian at Silver Creek and William C. Overfelt High Schools in East San Jose.  I have lived in the area since August 2014, as I was living abroad (South Korea and Germany) for 4 years prior to my return to the US.  I have traveled quite a bit (Europe, China, Central and South America, and all over the U.S.), and if you were to ask me “Where are you from?” it will take some time for me to answer; the short version is “I am from all over.” Additionally, I speak some Spanish, German, and Korean.

I really enjoy traveling, but one thing I didn’t want to do EVER was simply take students on a trip out of the country to sight-see.  Going to museums, touring about taking pictures, and enjoying local cuisine are great but also tend to be shallow and superficial ways of experiencing a culture.  So, when a student of mine (actually a GG Ambassador) approached me in 2014 about taking over the program, I was a bit hesitant but at the same time impressed by how eloquently she spoke about her experience with Global Glimpse.  After giving it some thought, I agreed to speak with Marcela, one of the dynamic GG directors.  After that conversation, I was sold!

I am now looking forward to traveling to Las Tablas, Panama as a Global Glimpse leader, my third trip with GG!  To have the opportunity to be immersed in the culture, see how the locals really live and survive day-to-day, hear their stories, and be a part of someone else’s life, even for a moment, is absolutely priceless; and, to have this eye-opening experience when you are still in high school is priceless times ten!  I am excited to see the growth that takes place in my delegation and myself during our trip!