Hello everyone, today´s topic was education. We had a seminar about education and looked at the similarities and differences between Nicaragua and California in education. We were very surprised to find out that our government in the US only funds for education about 13%.
We then took a field trip to Los Bariletes(the kites) which is a small daycare and preschool. This organization helped provide homes for kids from ages 3 to 18. We learned so much about these kids. For instance, we found out that some kids were simply left behind by their parents and abandoned; therefore, this little organization decided to take them in. We took a pinata for these little kids to have fun and we were able to interact alot with them. They were so happy to see us. Their happy smiles just melted our hearts.

After, we went to go eat lunch. While we were eating a huge storm came upon us. It started raining so hard. Pouring! We had to literally walk fast to our hostel. Many of us got soaking wet because we didnt have any rain gear. The puddles were huge, they were like small lakes. After lunch we had another seminar meeting which was just for us as the group to have more bonding time and to get to know each other better. That was really fun!!!
Finally we had our first laundry day! Yup our first laundry day after a week. We basically put all our clothes in a black bag and one of our GG leaders took it to get washed!
Today was the day of our first English tutoring class. We had to prepare ahead of time and think of ways of teaching. We were definitely amazed at how much these people knew English. We were so surprised and proud. It was really cool to know that each and every one of them was putting their all into trying to learn English. These people were defenitely an inspiration to all of us. I believe that all of us will now appreciate all the education because we get so much more then they do.