After eating breakfast we kicked off our day by beginning to organize our Community Action Project, CAP, in more detail. We started by gathering with one of the three groups we chose to take a part of while working on our CAP: horticulture, huerto (orchard), and beautification. The CAP is a team project where we plan to help a group called Mujeres Ambientalistas better their orchard. After we talked out with our groups on what we wanted our group to get done during our CAP we began preparing a presentation. Once all the groups were prepared we headed down to the Mujeres Ambientalistas headquarters where we presented our ideas on what we wanted to do and afterwards received their feedback on what they did and didn’t like. We took their feedback into consideration and headed back to the hostel where we divided up money amongst the three groups and headed out into the streets of Esteli to find the supplies such as shovels, dirt, paint, and a lot of other things we will need to get all of the work done. Wandering the streets and asking random people for help on where to find certain supplies was a different experience than the other times we have wondered the streets because we did not go to the same 5 locations we always go to during our free time. After getting the supplies needed for the project some groups took the supplies to Mujeres Ambientalistas headquarters. The supplies will stay there until Monday when we will begin the hard work and make our ideas for the project into a reality. When all of that was through we had about half an hour to relax and then headed down to teach our second-to-last English classes. It seems that as each class goes by we become more attached to our students and look forward more each time to seeing them again. As our last English class approaches some of us have become saddened because we want to continue teaching them and seeing them improve their English.

Now we wait to see what fun adventures might find us tomorrow.