Darryl: Hey guys today was a really interesting day, everyone was on the same page about being proactive during our first day executing our CAP Project. The humidity and heat did not help and some was unmotivated, however, we persevered  and got the job done.There was some difficulties especially for the group that was taking care of sanding the gate by the cafeteria. As a leader it was really nice to see everyone working together not as a team but more as a FAMILY. As a leader I learned that patience is key and as my mom would say “ Team work makes the dream work”. I also realized that there’s levels to what you want in life and this a great experience. Shoutouts to my loved ones back at home and shoutout to all the Global Glimpse members who help motivate me in my everyday life.

April: Today as a leader I learned that I have leadership  qualities I wasn’t aware that I had, I also learned that as a leader you must but others before yourself. Sometimes you gotta step out of your comfort zone and do things you never did before. Motivation is key to being a leader because people follow how you present yourself. Working on my CAP project, I saw my strength . Sometimes helping someone out can change how you view yourself. At first I wasn’t sure if I should do this project but I saw the kids with special needs and the environment they were in, but also the limited resources they had. I felt like I had to do something to make sure the school was not only a space for learning but also where the kids could express and be themselves. I wanted to make a difference and in the process grow as a leader. Being a leader today, I was able to bring out that positive energy all day and spread gratitude and love. I showed my team to have confidence and never give up and a lot was accomplished. Today was also challenging because it was hard sometimes getting everyone’s attention but I didn’t give up on them, I kept trying and at the end I got the attention and respect I needed.

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