Hello Glimpsers & Families!

I’m Berenisse “Bere” Buenrostro (Left), your Regional Leader for Global Glimpse, and I’m thrilled to be joining you on this incredible journey to the Dominican Republic! As a GGL, I’m excited to share my experiences and insights with you, and I’m looking forward to seeing the world through your eyes.

A Familiar Face, New Perspective

For those who may not know, this is my second year as a GGL, and I had the privilege of traveling alongside Erika (Right) last summer to Ecuador. As someone who’s been on both sides of the program – as a Glimpser student in Nicaragua (lonngg time ago) and now as a leader – I’m excited to share my unique perspective and insights with you.

A Little About Me:

When I’m not leading Global Glimpse trips, you can find me surrounded by books, poetry, and good coffee. I’m also an avid concert-goer and foodie. But what I’m most passionate about is connecting with others and sharing stories. As a librarian at Tennyson High School in Hayward, CA, I’ve had the privilege of working with students from diverse backgrounds and watching them grow and flourish.

Embracing Diversity and Unplugging

As we prepare for this unforgettable adventure, I want to remind you that venturing out of our comfort zones can lead to life-changing experiences. I’m excited to connect with the vibrant people of the Dominican Republic, who, like us, have unique perspectives to share. Embracing diversity and understanding the diverse backgrounds we come from is crucial for personal growth and enlightenment.

Let’s Immerse Ourselves in La Cultura!

So let’s get ready to immerse ourselves in la cultura! Let’s be open-minded, curious, and willing to learn from each other. As your GGL leader, I promise to be your guide, your mentor, and your partner in this adventure. Let’s make this an unforgettable experience together!

Erika (Right):

Hi, my name is Erika and I am thrilled to be joining Bere and all of you on our journey to Constanza, Dominican Republic. I am a special education teacher at Mt. Eden High School in Hayward. I have been working in their Counseling Enriched Classroom for 6 years now. I served as a mental health counselor my first year before becoming the teacher of the classroom. I teach 4 subjects, math, history, science, and English and believe that as educators, we should seek out learning opportunities throughout life, and what better way to do that than to travel the world. I am incredibly grateful to have traveled to El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, and Canada. I know for some of you this will be your first international trip and I feel honored to be able to witness and support you through the process. When I am not traveling or teaching I love to dance, do pilates, play fetch with my Goldendoodle, play tennis, and go to the beach. I also love trying new food and am delighted to experience the cuisine in the Dominican Republic.