Hola! amigos, familias y equipo de GG que nos leen. Today was our History & City Tour day and man IT WAS HOT! like the famous song hit from Bad Bunny and El Alfa would say “QUE LA CALLE BOTA FUEGO FUEGO, FAYA FAYA” which literally means “THE STREET IS ON FIRE” its how we all felt the day was. First, I would like to apologize for not updating you all on our day yesterday, we arrived very late at our accommodations in San Juan because we ran into some heavy traffic leaving Santo Domingo and later on the road our awesome driver (Jochy) had to replace a flat tire that pushed back our arrival to San Juan even more. I loved the energy of this group regardless the situation and how tired everyone was. Once we made it to Pittini (our accommodations) dinner was ready and waiting for us, right after that everyone headed to bed while Melina and myself took off for some rest.

Today was very special, for both Melina and myself it was full of mixed emotions. We realized this group is our last delegation for this summer and its kind of bittersweet to think about that after this group, everything will start to wrap up for the summer. So far we have had a great experience with our past 2 delegations (each delegation has been special in its own way and everyone holds a special place in our hearts, please no jealousy here :p) but we are excited to see what our students will learn, experience and discover in the next 15 days. As usual, we start this journey by showing everyone the area of San Juan and talking about some history that holds this city as well as the untold stories of people who have been part of important events in this country. Let me tell you, this group is ready for creating good memories of this trip and making lasting friendships (tonight at our nightly meeting, they were already given shout out to their roommates and giving out some BIG LOVE to their peers for the most adorable actions ever). Tomorrow, we will enjoy some good music, dancing and learning about people’s religious practices of this area. They are all really excited and I am off to sleep because we have an early wake up call but GREAT DAY awaiting for us.

Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€ peace out!