Today’s theme was history!  We spent the day learning and experiencing the rich history of Nicaragua.  We started of with a delicious breakfast of fried eggs, toast, and fresh fruit.  After a quick energizer, students were ready to learn more about the amazing history of Nicaragua.  During our history seminar, students were asked to think deeply about key events in Nicaraguan history including : US involvement in Nicaragua, Civil War, and the Sandinista National Liberation Front.  Students reflected on the idea of how understanding history and the past shapes our understanding of the present.  Our Glimpsers were enthralled in deep discussion and critical thinking about social change, political revolution, and how we learn about and understand history.

Matagalpa City Tour

Matagalpa City Tour

We were able to finally “meet” the beautiful city of Matagalpa with our amazing tour guides and coordinators Maria and Skarleth.  Glimpsers learned the best places to get great local coffee, what markets are best for buying fresh fruit, and where to find the best ice cream in town. Our tour also included important information about key figures such as famous Nicaraguan Poet Ruben Dario and Sandinista visionary Carlos Fonseca.  This included a visit to the home of Fonseca which has been turned into a museum in his honor.   After a wonderful lunch, we walked to the La Galeríade Héroes y Mártires.  A beautiful space with a small museum, stage, and statues celebrating the heroes and lives lost during the revolution.  We had an amazing opportunity to talk first hand with Fridel, a woman who was involved with the Sandinista movement.  Students were able to hear a first hand account of the impacts of the Sandinista movement on the every day people of Nicaragua and the tremendous impact the movement made related to access to education and liberty.  She spoke with passion of how proud she was to be involved with the Sandinistas and how important the voice of young people is in making change.  We ended our visit with a powerful group chant of “¡Que viva la Revolución!” led by Fridel herself.

Matagalpa City Tour

Today we also got a taste of some real Matagalpa rain we have heard so much about.  The weather today included full hot sun, light drizzel, and complete downpour.  We were able to do some fun exploring in the rain and practice our navigating skills be exploring in small groups with adult leaders.

Jump In Jump Out Activity

We ended this amazing day with a fun trivia competition, quizzing students on the historical, anecdotal, and fun facts of the day.  Our best efforts to produce tough questions were no match for our intelligent group of Glimpsers who were able to answer questions about the key figures in Nicaraguan history and the price of a shoe shine in Matagalpa without a flinch!  Our students then sat with small groups by candlelight reflecting on their first few days in Nicaragua.

Our Glimpsers had a fun and challenging day as they got to meet the city, further connect with the group, and begin to delve into important issues like poverty, violence, and social change.  We cannot wait for tomorrow!

Group Picture with Guest Speaker Fridel