Hi everyone! Ryan here again. I just have a quick recap of the day and a favor to ask… Please comment on the blogs! Everyone is always so excited to hear which parents are commenting and what they are saying. We send our love, see you all soon!

After a fun exciting night at Disco Techno, the group was glad to sleep in. The “fun day” started with a late breakfast and a trip to the local bakery for some delicious treats. The group then began to split off into groups and go on adventures around the city. Some spent the morning at the Casa Del Cafe for some coffee and smoothie treats, while others dashed to the internet cafe for some needed connection to the outside world and home. Trips around the city center and to the local markets/grocery stores filled most of the day. One of the highlights of today was lunch, when we split into two groups and tried some of Leon’s most delicious restaurants. I wish I could tell you more about the day we had, but it began and ended in a flash! As many of you probably know from reading the emails about Leon, the city is known for its spontaneous thunderstorms and we were pleasantly surprised with one tonight. Excited for some adventure, myself, Makhayla, Nivedha, and Bridget went to the center of the city in the pouring rain enjoying the once in a life-time experience. After cart-wheels in the rain and some much needed ice-cream, we ended the night together relaxing at the hostel grateful for an amazing day in Leon.