Today, the Glimpsers woke up at 6:00 am to get ready for their day at La Federacion de Campesinos (The Federation of Farmers). The Federation was founded in the beginning of the 1980s after Hurricane David hit the DR, destroying many homes in rural areas. This Federation fought to provide locals with electricity, water, infrastructure, and most of all, hope. Estaban Polanco, one of the founders of the Federation, was able to illustrate the needs of the facility and how we can serve the community through our Community Action Project (CAP). Upon our arrival, one of the workers gave us a tour of the coffee bean plantations. He walked us through the steps of the process and taught us how to plant beans (as seen in the video above.)

After our tour, we ate a delicious lunch that consisted of rice, beans, chicken, egg salad, and fried banana. We then had five farmers that are a part of the federation interview with the Glimpsers. This gave students more insight into the types of work the facility provides for the community.

Later that evening, the Glimpsers taught their first English class at the Getsemani school, where they each had students of different levels and ages. Although we all very nervous, in the end, everyone was ecstatic and excited about their upcoming classes.