Our history day started at Hotel Los Felipes in Managua, an energizer lead by Elisa brought energy to the group, then we head to comedor Marlenes and we had our first Nica Breakfast!, Rice and beans, Yeah!!

On our way to Leon w stoped at the look at point view in Xolotlan lake, or Managua’s Lake, Brayan our Lider del dia, gave us a glance of the history of Leon, and why Nicaragua is the land of lakes and volcanoes.

Once we arrived to Leon, we were so exited to get to knoe the city, but we started with an important seminar about cultural sensibility and safety, then suddenly started to rain!  Oh that was sooo good, we were so lucky, so to speak, as leon is one of the hottes cities in Nicaragua. After the seminar we had a pretty good lunch and Deja vu comedor, was such a surprise beacuse is buffet stiled, so we had various options to eat today, and get energy for the next activities!

Yay! we had our first impression of leon, our cordinators, Elisa and Brayan gave us a city tour, that included the museum of revolution, the cathedral, the central platz, and murals, those colorful murals express the history and also the passion of the nicaraguan people for its country, and we had the chance to see in how the US has an influence in the history of Nicaragua.

Surprise!! after 2 hours of tour we went to the ice cream place; Skimo is the name of the nicaraguan ice cream, and have to say is extremately good!, Finally we went to have a really good dinner at Deja vu, we notice how tacos are diffrent to the tacos we are used to, but still really good.

We closed the night with our first nightly meeting and selfreflection about this impressive day.

Now waiting for more exiting activities in the coming days!



Energizer at Hotel Los Felipes, MGA


Culture and safety orientations plus RAIN


The Cathedral, view from the top of the museum of revolution


La Asusuncion school